How to Be a Great Drummer on Rock Band

Let’s say you got Rock Band for Christmas. You open it up, and you’re eager to start playing the drums. You’ve been looking forward to trying the drums for a while, and now you finally get to. You run into a snag, though. After only playing a few songs, the drums are kicking your butt. These things are harder than you think. “How will I ever get to expert?” Well, I’m here to help you out. Here are some tips and tricks to help you master the drums on Rock Band.

First of all, you need a comfortable, sturdy place to play. Try and get an armless chair or stool to sit on. Also, make sure you have the drums set on carpet. If you don’t have a carpet, put something heavy in front of them. They tend to slide forward when you’re using the pedal heavily.

Now, turn up the volume on the television. Make sure you’re not bothering anyone in the area, but crank the television. You’ll need to hear the music over your drumming. You can trow yourself off beat if you’re listening to your own sticks, and not the music. You always need the keep the beat of the song.

Warm up first! Don’t jump straight into a fast song like a Metallica. Play one of the warm ups to get into it again. You’ll be surprised how good this works. Also, if you’re getting sore (which you probably will if you play a lot on hard or expert) make sure you stretch your arms and shoulders between songs. Make sure you keep loose.

If you can’t get a song, use practice mode. That’s your new best friend in Rock Band. You’re NOT going to be able to play all the song in Rock Band without it. Also, if you’re having trouble keeping the beat of a song because you don’t know it well, take a listen to the song a few times and try to get a feel for the rhythm of the song.

I got this one straight from the game, “If you’re having trouble with a tricky part, focus on the red pad and the bass pedal. Then add in the other pads.” Well, this might sound tricky, but it’ll save you from getting kicked off the stage in a crazy part. The bass pedal and red pad count the most. If you miss them, you’ll be falling pretty fast. If you’re in a part where you can’t manage all the pads, focus on the red and the bass pedal. Then try to hit whatever else you can. You just might make it past that part and back into the chorus.

Try harder difficulties. If you can play most of the songs on hard, try easy songs like “Wanted, Dead or Alive” on expert. It’s not much harder, and if you know the song, you should do fine. As you progress, you’ll be able to see how you’re improving by being able to beat more expert or hard songs. It’s a good feeling.

Last, but not least, practice, practice, practice. You’re not going to be on expert within a week if you’ve never played the drums before. It takes time for you to get your coordination down and be able to control each of your limbs differently. You’ll notice it’s hard to break your foot away from your arms. Well, it takes time for you to be able to hit double or triple bass hits without messing up the beat with your arms. There’s no secret for that. You just need to play, and above all else, have fun! This is a game. Don’t play it if you’re not having fun.

Good luck, and rock on!

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